Company Services

All One Service LLC is a member of the Better Business Bureau and have 28 years of experience in rural areas with complete home site development.

We can help you with your new or existing property and make your dream site a reality by walking you step by step to keep each part of the project in order so it can be completed on time.

Roads and Home Sites

28 years of experience building and graveling driveways gives you quality work and we provide a maintenance program on request to help maintain your investment.

We do professional grading to give you a good start on your home site and then work with your building contractor to dig, back fill and final grade your new home.

Septic Design and Installation

We are licensed in the Tri County area to design and install sewage disposal systems.

We will take care of you through the whole process from applications with N.E.T.C.H.D. to desihgn and installation of your on-site sewage system.


James Mallery / Owner

PH: (509) 684-1363 CELL: (509) 675-1364

License # ALLONOS913LB

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